Accredited Solar Installer


We Are Passionate about Renewable Energy

Call us to discuss your renewable energy plans, ideas and dreams.  We can help you bring them to fruition!


Our business mission is to provide a comprehensive service for design and installation of sustainable living technology within an area that the business can effectively service.

There are additional components to our mission that go beyond, yet strongly support our more direct business activities.

• We strive to embrace the sustainable living concept in our own homes and lifestyles and are thereby able to demonstrate sustainable living practise to both potential clients and the broader community

• We are committed to promoting, building and supporting links within our community between all individuals and organisations with an interest in sustainable living.

• We will continue to be deeply involved in public education activities and raising awareness of sustainable living issues.

We design, supply, install and service 

  • Solar Grid Feed Power
  • Solar off-grid Power
  • ​Solar Water Heating​





  • Composting Toilets
  • Small Wind Systems
  • Wood Heater Backup